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I work with people who are ready to take back control of their life.

I teach you how to manage your personal and professional life with less stress while getting more of what you want.

I give you an added layer of accountability until it becomes routine.

I challenge you to challenge yourself, trust your gut and choose thoughts which serve you.

Increase your confidence and increase your accountability skills while controlling your income or whatever it is you want more of in life.

Working with Amy was extremely helpful for me and growing my business. She helped me create processes and get laser focused on the type of activities I was doing  for lead generation. It wasn't just her giving me her ideas or thoughts but she was able to ask the right questions so that everything was my own creation which makes it so much more impactful. I was able to see tangible results in my business only after a couple of meetings with Amy. If you are an entrepreneur or work in sales and you want to grow your business, I highly recommend Amy! You won't regret it!

Sonny Christopher
The Real Estate Expert
Bradford Real Estate 
Animal Expert

Sonny C.JPEG

Working with Amy was a transformative experience. She allowed me to open up about my work struggles in a way that I needed. Not only was I changed as a saleperson, she helped me grow as a leader. I’ve gained confidence in my interviewing and hiring practices, my managing skills, and my assertiveness. Our work together allowed me to shift my sales team and got us back on track setting goals and exceeding those goals.

Jesica Henderson

The Transformation Network

Sr. Executive Producer

I cannot recommend Amy highly enough as a performance coach. Over the past six months, Amy has been instrumental in transforming my career as a realtor. Her expertise in boosting confidence, enhancing organizational skills, and mastering time management has been a game-changer for me. With Amy’s guidance, my performance has soared to unprecedented heights, leading to my most successful year ever. Amy’s coaching has not only improved my professional life but also instilled in me a sense of confidence and capability that extends beyond my work. She is truly exceptional at what she does, and I am incredibly grateful for her support.

Wade Price,
Owner & Real Estate Agent
Price Property Solutions

Wade Price.jpeg
Monet Pic.HEIC

I came to Amy because I was at a point in my life that I felt like I wasn't growing or reaching my fullest potential in my career and life. I knew something was holding me back mentally, and Amy helped me work through those mental blocks and truly showed me how to get where I wanted to be (and even further than I imagined)!


Amy is thoughtful, wise, curious, and knows how to bring out the best in people. Her ability to dig deeper into an issue or obstacle, proactively listen and ask the right questions enabled me to draw my own conclusions and think creatively about my growth. The personal insight and development I gained from working with Amy helped me figure out what I was truly looking for in my next career move and propelled me to get there (aka landed a job at the company of my dreams!). She helped me on a deeper level to uncover the true source of what was holding me back. 


I continue to use the skills that Amy taught me during our time together. Any time a small or large obstacle comes up, I'm able to use the actionable advice she gave me to tackle what's ahead of me and put things in perspective.


I'd recommend Amy to anyone looking to level-up, take the step outside of their comfort zone, or grow in their personal life or career. She changed my life!

Monet Sommers, Director of Business Development, SketchDeck

I was very fortunate to have Amy as a Professional Coach over a twelve-week period and found her to be truly outstanding! If you are looking for a Coach who is non-judgmental, an excellent listener, and capable of thinking outside the box to help you with making your life, family, relationships, and work more manageable and enjoyable…then Amy is who you should choose! She does an excellent job with connecting your inner purpose and passion with your outer goal(s) and helps you develop tasks for attaining quality and sustainable results, whether it is over one session or a series of sessions. I highly recommend Amy Blackburn as your next Coach.

Rod Boula, CEO, Calais Regional Hospital

Sandra Photo.jpg

Amy Blackburn was my coach and what a fantastic experience! Amy brought a high level of energy and enthusiasm to our sessions. She was a fantastic motivator, listened carefully and with a sense of compassion. I had an almost immediate level of comfort and trust with Amy upon starting the coaching process. The value Amy brought to my business planning was significant.  Thank you Amy for a transformative experience.

Sandra Woodbridge, Owner, Woodbridge Group

I would like to recommend Amy Blackburn as a life/sales coach. She was of great help to me in deciding to go back to school. I was at a crossroads and unable to figure out how to make it happen. She helped me ask the right questions. She made me dig deep.  “I don’t know” was not allowed.  She really made me think about what I wanted in life and what I needed to do to get there. We worked on small steps and soon I was back in school making A’s. Without her assistance at the time, I would not be the independent, goal meeting person I am today.



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