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I'm a certified life coach and a sales specialist.

I help people take action to get from where they are to where they want to be through the art of conversation.

I ask lots of questions, challenge thoughts, provide accountability, act as a cheerleader and provide an unbiased environment to create a new path walking with them to the results they seek.

Whether they know what they want or not, I work with people to gain clarity, confidence, passion, accountability and momentum toward their desired results one conversation at a time.

I spent over 20 years in business and sales learning to navigate the constant challenges of it all and making the same time. This was all while getting married, raising a family and trying to figure out how to be as intentional as possible with my time. 

Throughout my sales career, I sold everything from hamburgers, clothes, lottery tickets, candy and gasoline to pre-need insurance to funeral homes working in small size to global companies.

I spent the last 17 years in the audio, video and visual

space in sales management for the B2B world. 


We sold audio and conference systems for over $100K to music at $20 per month and digital signage and everything in between. 

I've sold the tangible stuff to the intangible experiences.


I've sold one time purchases as well as 60 month agreements with an evergreen clause.

I was that super stressed sales person, sales manager and business executive who worked 24/7 trying to do all things for everyone including my family.


I survived. I am a product of coaching.

I understand firsthand the importance of having the right people in your professional life at the right time and the huge impact they can have on your career.

More importantly, I know the impact it can make on your life.

I've also seen the impact of those constantly trying to go it alone. It's not pretty!

5D2_9770 (1).jpg

There are people and businesses who need what you're selling right now. 

Do you believe in your offer?


Do you believe in your ability to sell your offer to them?

Do you believe they need what you are offering?

Do you know how to identify and find the people who need what you are offering?

They are ready to buy what you offer.


Are you ready to sell it to them?



You love being in sales but know something has to change.


You want to reduce the anxiety and stress that comes with sales.


You want to increase your confidence at work for yourself and your ability to influence others.

You want clarity in your professional life so you know what the heck you're doing and where you want to go.


You want more accountability and better time management.

You want to be excited on Sunday night about the opportunities a new week brings you.


You want the space to take a breath, to take a self-inventory about what you want and to design a plan to get it.



Once you choose to take control of your sales life, the sales and money will follow.



We all have the freedom of choice.

Being in sales you get to determine your income. 

You get to choose how much money you want to make.

Once you understand your thoughts directly determine your income, you will want to know how to better manage your thoughts.

Most sales people get too frustrated and stay stressed out working too much for little reward.

They fear slowing down, doing less will negatively impact their position and income.

Trying to work more and do more is usually counterproductive especially when you're at an all time high stress level.

I teach you how to directly control your sales results one action at a time with less stress.

Ready to get started?

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