• Amy Blackburn

Your biggest obstacle?

The biggest obstacle to people acting on a goal is themselves.

Have you ever thought or said to yourself something like the following?

· I could never do that.

· I’m not smart enough to do that.

· I could never afford to do that.

· I would fail if I tried.

· I’ve tried that before and it didn’t work.

· I don’t deserve that.

· Too many other people are already doing it.

· Why would they choose me?

Sitting in negative thoughts and self-doubt hold more people back by creating negative feelings.

Those negative feelings result in inaction toward your goal.

How would you respond to your child or any child who shared those thoughts with you? I bet it would be different than how you respond to yourself.

Before you sit in negative thoughts, ask yourself how you would respond to a child who felt the same way.

Being kind to yourself and having more positive thoughts will create more positive feelings.

Positive feelings allow us to think more deeply about the opportunities we have allowing us to create action.

Action propels us forward toward our goals.

Your challenge for the rest of this week is to think more like a kid whether you’ve made a mistake, messed up something or are thinking about wanting to accomplish something. How would you address or work on that with a child?

Need help finding your inner child voice? I can help. Message me to set up a consult.


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