• Amy Blackburn

When will you choose to fly?

Okay, so I'm not talking about ditching both parachutes but how about ditching one by design?

I had a big goal that started years ago.

I was very excited about this goal and constantly thought about how it would play out in my head.

I created and consistently revisited my brainstorming document which stored all my thoughts on the goal as they flowed.

I began researching my needs, reaching out to my trusted resources and taking a few needed baby steps.

I created a strategic plan and then broke that down into a specific framework of initiatives.

That framework is what I use for almost everything. It's the 6 WH questions I was taught in elementary school.

In other words I began prepping to achieve that goal and was making progress checking off necessary boxes.

During this time I was comfortable and able to see the progress I was making.

I got to the point of checking off all the boxes and doing all the things. I wondered what was next.

Looking at my strategic plan, I forgot one final step. I hadn't completely defined one of the WH questions.

When? When will I make the choice to ditch my parachute?

I tell people not focus on when something will happen and just keep doing the work when the timing is out of their control.

This was not that time. The when to my plan could only be defined by me. That didn't feel as comfortable.

Then, one day I listened to my gut which told me the time to fly is now.

I completely removed my primary parachute and put everything into my reserve.

Guess what? My reserve opened and picked me up showing me what I am truly capable of achieving.

It was then I saw all the possibility and opportunity ahead of me.

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