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What's your WHY?

The job of a sales manager is tough.

I knew firsthand the daily grind wasn't easy...ever. You hear more no than yes. I've been asked if I could read since I apparently missed their "no soliciting" sign outside the door. Why wouldn't everyone want to be in sales, right!

Most weeks our team sales conversations and weekly sales video calls consisted of where we were on our goals, sharing successes and any training we could fit in during that time.

Being so laser focused on almost everything about training, doing more, selling more, hitting it harder and so forth, I felt something was missing. I could hear it in their voices, see it in their body language and more importantly feel it all around me. It was the human element most companies miss with their employees.

I asked myself why my team was there, working like mad to accomplish these huge targets. I couldn't answer that specifically for any of them besides the basic answers of paying bills, eating and buying gas to get to their appointments. I had to take a good look inside myself and hit the pause button. While the sales were decent, I was missing the boat on who my team really was and why they kept going out everyday working as hard as they did.

Of all the questions I could ask them, I decided the most important thing at that moment was why. Why are they here? Why are they pounding the pavement (way before Covid) and willing to keep up with the pace of an outside sales hunter. We know the job isn't for everyone and of those that do it, most struggle for success.

We did a "why" exercise including me sharing mine. It caught some off guard. I could tell most hadn't been asked at any other job. Some struggled to answer beyond supporting the basic human needs and I just kept asking and digging. They shared some very meaningful reasons as to why they kept showing up each day.

A while after that conversation, I was in an office talking with one of the sales team members. I saw a crayon drawing on her wall of a house with a pool. That was one of the things she talked about having for her kids one day. Her why went from a conversation to her wall so she could look at it each day and realize what it was really about. That made me want to work even harder to support her.

I learned so much that day about the importance of bringing the human element to life, even at work. Humanizing the work culture really made a huge shift in our engagement and success as a team!

If this resonates with you, feel free to share your why with me on this post on Facebook or Instagram.

If you want to further explore how you can humanize your work place, message me. I can help.

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