• Amy Blackburn

What's your story?

What does your company sell? When asked, how do you answer?

It may sound simple but one I’ve found that gets answered differently depending on who you ask in the same company.

When you add in the fact that companies can sell a large variety of products and services, this adds another layer of difficulty trying to articulate to those outside of your company what you do.

I’ve attended my fair share of networking events over the years to hear and see people struggle to explain what they do. It looks all too familiar.

Early on in my AV sales days, I recall going into businesses doing a “verbal vomit” of everything we offered. It was a lot. It took a lot of time and energy.

I heard my own confusion. I saw their overwhelm. I was exhausted at the end…if they actually allowed me to finish.

The conversation changed with each business I went into and who I was able to speak with during that visit.

Succinct wasn’t in my vocabulary.

Fast Forward years later and a consistent story was created.

Our team was able to tell the story of what we do the same way in every business, every time.

Nuances were applied depending on your audience. Still, the story remained.

Onboarding and training improved. Confidence improved. Prospect engagement improved. Sales improved.

How your team conveys what you do matters. Consistency, not just with the sales team, matters.

Where is your company on the consistency meter? If you tell people it may sound confusing, it is.

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