• Amy Blackburn

Time is the new currency

Interested in more sales and a better culture by only spending time, not money?

I spent years redesigning almost everything about our sales structure which resulted in some activity (not all positive)...which was temporary.

Again, I was constantly reinventing the wheel to increase sales.

After the "do more with less people phase" I experienced (read earlier posts if you missed it),” I changed a couple things.

First, I talked in detail about what it really meant when they did well in their jobs. It wasn’t just hitting a goal.

It was bringing in sales keeping our techs working making money to pay their house payment, feed their family and save for retirement.

It was bringing in sales so the mom in finance kept billing to make money to send her son to college.

They helped make the lives of everyone in the company a little better by selling so everyone could keep working & get paid.

Their sales helped those businesses create better experiences for their customers and employees so they enjoyed being there, wanted to return and shared their wonderful experience with others.

The sales team helped keep those businesses alive so the owners and their employees could take care of themselves and their families.

Next, I began changing how we operated as a team.

I explained our relationship was that of a corporate (me) and franchise owners (them).

I would provide them with the necessary tools and remove road blocks. Corporate had a singular goal made up of all franchise owners.

Our weekly 1:1 conversation changed from me asking all the questions to them coming to me reporting their business financials, news and what they needed from me. Eventually, they led those calls.

They took ownership of their markets, their individual numbers and then finally the team goal.

When you have a sales rep, who is over 100% of her own goal, asking how much more the team needs to be at their goal so she can go try to get more, I call that a win.

I elevated and empowered the team to be in charge of their own success or failure.

Most rose to the occasion.

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