• Amy Blackburn

The Success Equation

One of the advantages my clients get working with me is my experience. I’m able to point out blind spots much sooner.

Learning the value of my time resulted in the rule of addition by subtraction. Here’s just one reason why.

Early on in my sales management career, I believed and worked hard to make every person on my team a success. I spent much with those who weren’t trending well, low performers and new trainees that weren’t taking off. I wanted to do whatever it took to make them successful. Did I need to retrain them on things? Did I need to find more ways for them to prospect? Did I need to get them more lead sources? Did I need to put them on a plan?

What else did I need to do to make them successful?

I needed to remove “I” from them equation and ask how they were showing up for themselves.

Spending most of my time with the low performers reduced the kudos, celebrations and attention I was sharing with the higher ones. I get some people need additional training. But, everything has a limit for good reason.

My turnaround was removing poor performers and poor attitudes (regardless of performance) from the team. Within a few months, my numbers increased but more importantly, the culture of the team improved!

You know you’ve made the right decision when you get a call from an existing team member thanking you for removing dead weight and following up with saying it’s about time.

Working with a coach back then helped me see the value in where I spend my time as well as provided me with a ranking system per time and rep. This small action was a game changer in my success but also in how I felt about myself in my role. My attitude and energy increased.

If you want to explore this more, I can help. Message me to book a consult.


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