• Amy Blackburn

Slow to the goal

Ever set a goal and then wake up the next day wondering why you haven’t achieved it yet?

Maybe you gave yourself 2 days or even a week to make it happen? You get the picture.

Many things contribute to you giving up on your goals and this is a big one.

Setting up goals with unrealistic timelines is a sure-fire way to be disappointed.

Expectations of setting a goal and then simply making it happen as quickly as you flick on a light usually isn’t realistic for the goals you want to tackle.

Taking a large goal and breaking down into manageable and measurable pieces does so many things for you.

Smaller pieces put into a progressive plan look and feel more achievable thus creating more immediate action.

The sooner you begin to act on a goal you set, the more likely you are to achieve it.

It allows you to see progress (not perfection) along the way as you tackle those smaller pieces which builds confidence and creates positive energy and momentum.

Tackling smaller pieces of a goal allow you to be flexible and pivot as needed on your journey.

The growth and knowledge you gain along that journey would be missed if you skipped ahead to the end.

Trust me, you’ll need that growth and knowledge once you achieve that goal.

Next time you set a goal, don’t think about flipping the light immediately on.

Think about using the dimmer slowly and filling the room up with your light one slow turn around the dial at a time.

Want to talk more about setting goals with an achievable plan? Message me and let’s chat.

You’ve got this!


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