• Amy Blackburn

Sales, you can make money when you choose to.

Many sales people don’t enjoy the first step of sales…finding prospects.

They find it scary, intrusive, time consuming, and often avoid it at all costs with lots of reasons why they cannot do it.

I’ve interviewed some who ask how often leads lists are handed out. Moving on…

What if you could meet new people without all the mind drama that usually surrounds finding new business?

What if you were able to step into the belief that there are people who want your services?

If you held the belief that people want your services and you believed in what you were offering, how would that change your thoughts on finding these people?

Taking time to clear out your mind drama and focusing on service not selling a prospect can drastically change your success.

Whether you're in person, on the phone, online or at a networking event building relationships to build your business, it boils down to meeting new people and having conversations.

There are lots of ways to meet new people. I’ll share some below for you.

● Networking events and you could even sponsor one

● Posting on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others),

● Handing out your card when you get your coffee, dry cleaning or go anywhere outside of work

● Engaging people at a social event like a kid’s activity, friend’s party or dinner with friends

● Local chamber events (you can attend some without being a member)

● Online groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and others

● Providing an amazing product or service that people want to refer others to you

● Going Live on a social or business page

● Host a workshop

● Business conferences

When you decide you want to make money, you can.

Need help getting into the belief of possibility and abundance? Message me to learn how.


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