• Amy Blackburn

Sales, Time and Money, oh my!

Want a couple things things you can do to increase sales from your team?

Make sure they get time to sell and their comp plan is aligned with their goals.

Sound simple? It should be but this isn’t always the case.

I talked to many companies who cannot understand why sales aren't hitting goals and selling more consistently.

When we do a deep dive into their processes, we uncover some common things.

More selling time is something I hear from sales reps. I review time from 2 different angles.

One is how much time reps spend on sales-related activities versus non-sales related activities.

If you haven't already, I'd suggest defining those for your team.

The other is the internal time the company spends on sales processing once a signed deal is turned in.

I’ve found opportunity on both sides. But, when I have a high producing rep who talks about needing more time, I look at the sales process within the company and usually find bottlenecks.

Fix those and you tend to get more sales with happier customers.

The other common thing I see are comp plans that don’t align with what the company wants their reps selling.

If you have good sales people, they will sell whatever is going to pay them the most. This is echoed by 99.9% of reps I speak with. They're in sales to make money.

If you want them to sell A & D, then comp them on those items or offer higher comp on those 2 items and lower comp for the ancillary items they can sell.

While there’s more to be uncovered during this review, taking time to detail and analyze the sales workflow starting from turning in a signed deal to when you bill the customer as well as reviewing comp plan to goals can reveal much about the sales of a company.

If you're already doing the basics, ask your successful reps, what they need to get to the next level! I did and it helped.

Make it a great week!

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