• Amy Blackburn

Reset the Possibilities dial today.

Thinking possibilities get less as we go along in life holds many people back from experiencing more in their life.

Recently, I had the honor of attending my niece’s graduation. As I sat in the hot sun (Florida heat in May at an outdoor arena) waiting for it to begin, I thought back to my graduation day and how I felt the whole world was mine for the taking. I felt a little scared for college but I also felt the absolute freedom of knowing I could do anything I wanted. I felt this was my time.

As I got older, I definitely felt a shift in those feelings and the pool of possibilities getting shallower. One day I just decided that was insane. Why couldn’t I have and do the things I’ve been wanting to do. Moving forward I reminded myself I create my own possibilities if I truly want different experiences.

Through my own coaching, I was able to see the pool filling back with whatever possibilities I wanted to experience. It was my choice to decide my path moving forward.

Many people I work with come to me with thoughts of limited possibilities.

Through coaching we’re able to peel back those layers of self-doubt and limiting beliefs that have kept them from truly going after what they want. They’re able to accomplish those things they didn’t think possible, say no to things holding them back and gain the confidence to go after what they truly want.

Coaching gets someone back to as close to that new graduate feeling where things they desire are possible and without the suffering they originally anticipated.

Message me and we’ll begin bringing more possibilities into your life.






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