• Amy Blackburn

Personal growth? Ouch!

The hardest part of growth for some people can be that it usually comes from being uncomfortable, even slightly scared at times with what is happening.

I remember back to a job I had many years ago. I was so excited when I was first hired. I was meeting lots of new people in the field and working with great co-workers. During the first half of my tenure, I was having a blast, winning lots of sales prizes as well as a couple really awesome trips. It was a great experience out of the gate. I learned to step outside my comfort zone a bit by needing to find new business on my own. It taught me a lot about basically running your own business with their tools. It was an educational experience both professionally and personally.

Fast forward to a little over a year in and things started changing quickly. I saw my opportunity dwindle.

I left the house each day miserable. I came home each night miserable. The fun was gone along with the opportunities I first heard about when I was hired.

It took a lot of conversation at home, a lot of self-talk and a lot of tears until I finally decided to leave. I didn’t have another job waiting. I just knew I needed out right then. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but I knew I couldn’t continue there.

I turned in my notice and never looked back again.

Taking that leap of faith by leaving, I learned to place a higher value on myself, my happiness and the importance of my quality of life. Leaving that job and what came after really taught me what I was truly capable of in life. I grew to confidently believe I was meant for so much more.

Being uncomfortable, even scared not knowing what was coming next but knowing it was the right thing truly created so much growth for me. I’m thankful for that experience.

When you’re ready to tap into your own personal growth, I can help. Message me to book a consult.



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