• Amy Blackburn

Pausing isn't stopping

Many people see slipping up during the journey toward a goal as hitting the stop button.

The negative self-talk and lack of possibility creep back into their head.

They add insult to injury by purposefully continuing the slide falling even farther behind because of that one moment in time.

What if you practiced using the pause button instead?

What if you viewed slipping up in that moment as simply hitting the pause button?

You choose to hit pause and then just hit play when you’re ready to move forward again on your journey.

So many people beat themselves up over a temporary slide.

When you get to that place, tell yourself that where you are in that moment is a great place to begin again.

Remind yourself you are human and hitting the pause button is a temporary choice.

Remind yourself and celebrate the fact you’ve chosen to take the journey toward your goal.

Remind yourself of why you chose to take the journey toward the goal in the first place.

Creating positive thoughts creates positive feelings.

Positive feelings open up possibilities which creates action.

Action gets you moving forward again.

Play. Pause. Stop. Making intentional choices brings to light the choices we have.

Being intentional and exercising your power of choice is something I work on with my coaching clients. Want more of that? Message me to learn more.


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