• Amy Blackburn

Options overload?

Practicing constraint might just be what you need right now.

Having choices can be a great thing as you can determine what works best for you.

Having limitless choices can be negative when it impedes your ability to make a decision.

From paint color, hamburger toppings, sales comp plans, where and how you spend your time, business logos, clothing, strategic planning objectives and everything in between, we are faced with a myriad of decisions to make in business and life.

When you allow too many choices, your brain can literally seize up from making a decision moving you into inaction.

When you're pressed to make a decision and have limitless options, you can experience more than your normal level of stress.

When you're in this mode, it affects all aspects of your life, not just the area you're needing to make a decision in.

Simply put, too many options makes decisions harder.

Practicing constraint when making decisions helps many things.

You train yourself to make decisions faster by limiting your options, your time or both among other things.

You coach yourself into the understanding that not all decisions will be the right ones and that is okay.

You give yourself the freedom to make decisions quicker knowing that if it doesn't work, you'll make another choice and continuing moving forward.

Your creativity increases in how you make things happen when you have less options.

You free up time to focus in other areas which need your time including more time for life.

You move forward faster getting more accomplished and keep things moving.

You learn more quickly about what works, what doesn't work and what you'll do differently moving forward.

You learn more. You execute more. You're more nimble. You're more focused. You keep moving.

Sound good? Ready to set some limits? Let's chat & get you moving! Message me.


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