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Motivation them!

All arms of a business have their struggles and the sales arm is no exception. It can prove extremely challenging.

Your job isn't just managing a sales goal but also the personalities of everyone on the team along with the rest of the company. Who hasn't had a bit of conflict with other departments.

Managing the team's motivation, though, is one I get asked about often from Sales Management.

The ebb and flow of sales coupled with life's general challenges make it difficult.

I've noticed themes that pop up during my conversations that may help motivate your team more consistently.

Looking at each team member as an individual and learning what drives them is helpful. Not everyone shows up strictly for the money. There are other things you can do to inspire them that don't cost anything. Don't be shy about asking them directly what motivates them either.

Empowering your team members (see prior post about doing less and getting more), holding them accountable as an entrepreneur of their own market and extending belief to them in their abilities to succeed go a long way.

Fostering a competitive, positive culture encourages internal cheerleading amongst peers encouraging members to motivate each other.

Celebrating small wins is important especially when sales are down. While it might be a frustrating for you, identifying and celebrating small victories motivate them to bigger wins.

Lastly, one of the most important things you can do in sales management is look in their mirror at how you're showing up for your team. When you aren't motivated and have negative thoughts, it's typically felt by your team whether you know it or not. Working on yourself first will determine the outcome of you working on your team.

The right motivation makes all the difference in success. Need to get motivated? Message me.

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