• Amy Blackburn

Is having fun on your calendar?

How does fun play a role in your life? Is it spontaneous or by design when it happens?

The word fun has come up too many times in the last couple weeks not to be shared.

Last night after my OTF workout class, I talked with Coach Alli to share I enjoyed the new workout. It was very challenging but I liked it.

She agreed saying we can make things fun even though they may be challenging.

That stuck with me as she was right. We can choose to make things like exercise classes suck or we can choose to make them fun.

Then I thought about the importance of purposely choosing to add fun (or down time, as some say) in your life.

Most people work, study or do whatever they do with their day for many hours. This can be mentally exhausting especially if you struggle to interject fun into it.

What about the rest of your day? Is there any fun on the schedule?

I struggled somewhat with this in the past but now I make it a priority.

Whether it’s simply spending time reading a magazine at home, playing scrabble with my husband or taking a weekend roadtrip, I plan fun into my life regularly.

Just this past weekend, we took a road trip to the Museum of Ice Cream in Chicago (as seen in photo).

Even though it was a short getaway, I had it on my calendar and waited excitedly for months to go.

Choosing to add fun or whatever your kind of break is regularly into your life is important for recharging your batteries. I know how highly we all value our phones being charged. Your body and life should be more important.

It reduces stress, increases creativity, helps elevate your mood into a more positive state, can help strengthen your immune system and even help you live longer.

It’s one thing to make something you don’t really enjoy fun but it’s totally another thing to make sure you’re adding fun into your life on purpose.

Able to make work fun? How do you recharge your batteries?


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