• Amy Blackburn

Indecision is a choice.

Indecision creates roadblocks to your growth, learning and success.

Lack of action comes from indecision which results of in a lack of movement on your goals.

The time you spend spiraling in all directions with options isn’t as productive as making the wrong decision.

Fear from many things creates your indecision.

Identifying and fixing your indecisiveness may be the single biggest determining factor of your success.

Knowing when you’re in analysis by paralysis is a good first step. If you’re not moving through the typical decision-making process and get mired with equally weighted options for an extended time is a good indicator.

There are small steps you can take to work on being more decisive.

Working on making small decisions quickly and owning them like where to eat (this gets everybody, I know) or picking a cereal helps.

Setting a timer to make a decision or blocking a specific amount of time to think about a decision on your calendar and then sticking to it helps. Do it and then move on.

Working on your confidence and learning to trust your instinct helps.

Working on acceptance of decisions made, right or wrong, and learning from each experience can help you become more decisive.

There are lots of ways to work on making decisions.

Identifying where and why you struggle and then working on it can impact every part of your life today and in the future.

Want to learn more about getting out of the spiral of indecision?

You must decide to first. Message me when you’re ready.

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