How much value are you giving?

Focus on adding versus asking.

Whether you work for yourself or a company, constantly adding value in the world does so many things.

I'm not talking about adding value to what you're currently selling or doing.

I'm talking about freely giving value because you can and have things to share.

Here are some quick, simple and free ways to throw value out into the world:

1. Share your knowledge. Post things to inspire, spark, teach, train or entertain.

2. Write a review of places you frequent. Most businesses greatly appreciate your time sharing feedback.

3. Offer to provide a testimonial for someone in business. Those go a long way and simply cost you time.

4. Offer to provide connections to others.

Last week I was visiting a relative in the hospital. As I walked to the elevator, I heard someone asking me how I was. It was some guy sitting around the elevator lobby. I smiled, let him know I was great and thanked him for asking. Before I could ask how he was, he stood up. He graciously thanked me for replying and being so positive. He had the biggest smile. The exchange was less than 5 min, cost me nothing and I feel made a difference.

There are so many other ways to sprinkle value out into the world.

If you're currently struggling with where you are, I challenge you to begin sharing value.

It's funny how good things begin to happen for you the more you freely provide value to others.

Make it a great day!


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