• Amy Blackburn

How do you view time?

No time for your goals or something you want to do?

I hear this often from busy clients. I remind them there are 24 hours in a day.

I challenge them to audit their time the same way people audit their food intake if they were wanting to adjust their nutrition levels.

Just like food has calories, you can assign time to the activities.

Maybe it takes an hour for dinner and dishes. I understand you sleep and eat and may also have family & friends to consider.

You can book each activity on a calendar with slices of time.

Or, you can simply make a list of the things you do with times assigned and do the math.

Either way, you can drill down to get an accurate picture of how long you’re doing what and seeing what is and isn’t goal-related.

Have enough booked time toward your goal?

If so, great. Is that amount of time getting you where you want to be? If not, you need to ask yourself if you need more time or different activity.

If not, great. Now is your chance to add more on your calendar by blocking it out or reviewing what can be removed ensuring your time aligns with your goals.

More often than not, people are surprised at how much time they really do have after an audit.

Changing the way you view time and evaluating your activity for goal alignment can increase your chances of success toward your goals.

If you found an extra 30 minutes day, that is an extra 3.5 hours per week. Where would you be on your goal if you intentionally spent 3.5 hours working on it?

It all comes down to your prioritizing based on what’s important to you. It’s your agenda.

By the way I love hearing about the time suckers like the rabbit hole of scrolling on Facebook/Instagram/TikTok. Ever start a game on your phone to look up an hour later? Me too!

We’ve all done it.

Looking for more time? I dare you to audit your time for 5 days and see what you discover!

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