• Amy Blackburn

Haven't started yet?

Getting started is routinely the most challenging step for people initiating something new.

Fear of failure, self-doubt, lack of confidence, insecurity of how to begin and analysis paralysis are some of the top reasons why.

A few years ago when, I decided I was going to try acting. It had always been on my mind.

After thinking about it forever, I woke up one day in late 2018 and asked myself if not now, when. Then, why not?

I began to research and found a play at a community theater having auditions. I made a call only to be told all roles had been cast.

The adrenaline was pumping on the call. Even though I didn’t get the news I wanted to hear, I was so glad I took that first step. I felt a bit of relief having taken action. I opened the door...finally.

After a little less than a week, I got a call from the director letting me know someone backed out of a role. She said it was small with only a couple lines. Before she could finish, I told her I'd take it. It didn't matter to me what the part was. I needed to take the step.

I just wanted the chance to act. I wanted to be amongst actors who love what they do. I wanted to experience the feeling of being on stage.

I enjoyed playing the courtroom clerk in To Kill A Mockingbird immensely including helping with the set, shopping at Goodwill for costumes, rehearsals and each opening night.

I’ll never forget the anxious feeling and self-coaching that led up to making that first phone call.

Taking that action has led to other firsts in my life helping me achieve other goals.

Even though initiating that very first action can be the hardest, what follows can make all the difference in your life.

Ready to work on taking your first step forward? Message me to learn how we can work together.


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