• Amy Blackburn

Fail more to succeed!?!

We're all told failure is a part of life.

Hearing that doesn't make it any easier.

Being in the moment as it's happening can feel like absolute garbage.

Seeing something you're trying to accomplish consistently not work is frustrating.

What if you looked at all those times that didn't take flight immediately as an essential part of your success.

Each moment you needed to take a couple steps back or pivot were there by design.

You just may not know why yet.

Without those failed attempts, you won't get to the first moment where you feel success.

Building failure into your plan will get you closer to your goals by keeping you on the path during the good, the bad and the ugly.

Being in sales for 20+ years, I know a thing or two about failure.

I was fortunate to surround myself with people who allowed me to fail.

They even encouraged failure by giving me the freedom to own my decisions.

I failed more than I succeeded and learned so much with each failed attempt (usually).

My confidence increased with each experience.

I did not get to this place overnight. It took lots of self-talk and conversation with others.

It took a while for me to finally embrace failures and not continually beat myself up over each one.

Once I got to the point of expecting failures and treating them as part of my process, I felt anything was possible.

Call them failures or whatever feels right for you.

If you aren't where you want to be right now, it just means you haven't had enough failed attempts.

Make your day great!

Need an unbiased accountability partner who will encourage you owning your decisions. Let's chat. Message me when you're ready.

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