Don't be that sales person.

My most memorable car buying experience was different from all the rest. One sales rep stood out.

He answered my questions over email and then didn’t follow up with me as I did more searching online. He answered more questions when I called and didn’t reach back out after that. He was always polite, pleasant and matter of fact with his answers.

Most of the other places I had reached out to and gotten answers from had already reached out to follow up with me. Some had sent a few emails given I spent a few weeks looking for exactly what I wanted.

The first sales person who never followed up was 3 hours away while the others were all around me. His lack of chasing me down to buy his car made me wonder what he had that was so special compared to the others. Every car I looked at was relatively the same price, mileage and look of what I wanted.

I booked a test drive with the sales person who never followed up and was 3 hours away.

I got there and he was the same in person. He was professional and polite yet very confident in the value of his vehicles.

His confidence and lack of chasing me to buy created the comfort and confidence I needed for a great buying experience. By the way the car was incredible to me, has well over 200K miles and is being enjoyed by my niece.

Convincing is not selling.

Chasing is not selling.

Stalking is not selling.

When I managed a sales team, I used to share with them that selling and dating are similar in that you don’t want to chase the prospect and look desperate. They may wonder what’s wrong with your offer if it’s so readily available.

When you are confident in the value you bring to the table, your mind shifts from feeling desperate to the belief that there are lots of people who want what you have to offer.



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