• Amy Blackburn

Do you ask for help?

My early days in sales management were grueling with long hours and travel.

I wanted the team and company to succeed. I wanted to succeed.

I recruited and trained many people who didn’t make it while maintaining the existing team.

I was constantly changing everything about the sales process and I mean everything.

If a sales rep wasn’t doing well, I worked tirelessly to prop them up with more training, more leads and changing their activity. Heck! I even sold stuff for them to look good on the sales board.

I was tired, frustrated and defeated. The worst part was I brought all this home with me.

I was new, independent, proud and maybe a bit stubborn. I rarely asked for help.

Fortunately, I worked with amazing people who believed in me. They came to me to ask me how they can help.

It was a long process and what I learned through that experience brought me to where I am today.

I learned it’s okay to not know everything in your role and to ask for help.

I learned to delegate in all directions, say no and expect more of others than just myself. By doing so I gained time to work strategically on things to improve the overall process.

I learned that by doing less and asking more, I grew as a person and a manager.

I learned you can’t change everything at once and know what worked or failed.

I learned it’s alright and expected to fail. I learned that I grew more when I failed.

I learned empowering your team, increasing your expectations of your team, inspecting what you expect of your team and sharing more of yourself with your team improves everything.

The culture improved. Morale improved. Our sales improved. I improved as a person.

I learned what a great company actually looks and feels like.

Good companies support their people.

Want to chat about asking or supporting? Message me and let’s talk.


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