• Amy Blackburn

Being kind really is classy.

It's one thing to have sticky notes for reminders but wearing your note is a completely different story when you're in public.

After driving for 3+ hours and getting home late Friday night, I got into bed only to wake up at 3:30 to head to the airport for a 6AM flight.

We got delayed. Then we boarded. Then we were delayed more. We had a missing piece off of a wing (or something like that). Then, we deplaned. Then, we rebooked to another flight leaving in less than an hour. We successfully got our luggage off of one plane and onto the new one. We boarded the new flight.

Repeat. We got delayed. We deplaned. We were now at the point of missing our connection. Our destination on this airline only left once a week. We called the airline to hears our options of a refund or a credit. Or, miss one week and leave next Saturday.

Where's the reminder, you wonder? The lady by me at the ticket counter looked at me and said, "I guess you'll get good practice with that today, won't you!" She then proceeded to laugh at my shirt.. What did I throw on at 3:30am? My shirt read being kind is classy.

Cue the self-talk and coaching.

I just had an awesome week. My Thursday and Friday rocked! Then, Friday I left my job to work my own company full time. I reminded myself how fortunate we were to book this trip.

While our first airline didn't work out, we got refunded and rebooked on another airline leaving at 6:00 AM. If all goes well, we'll be landing in Bonaire at 2:00 PM today ready for adventures.

I reminded myself that it really is classy to be kind. I could have been like the guy sitting beside me on flight number 2 who yelled Delta airlines sucks following up with a louder they are the worst comment.

After thinking about the day those employees were going to have, I was thankful to just rebook a couple days later.

Try being kind this week.


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