• Amy Blackburn

Asking when means it's likely not going to happen.

What if stopping one behavior could greatly increase your happiness and success?

When you stop trying to answer what only the universe knows, you’re well on your way.

When am I going to lose the weight?

When are they going to call me back?

When will they respond to my email?

When will my business take off?

When will I have done enough?

How will I know when I have enough in my pipeline?

How will I know this is going to work?

Trying to have all the answers before things happen makes us feel anxious, frustrated, often less motivated and can do a number on our confidence.

Yes. There are things you can do that can narrow it down to get closer to answering some of your questions.

Keep in mind all that time you spend on trying to answer what only the universe knows could be time spent on working your plan in a much better state of mind.

Worrying about the how’s and the when’s only slows you down. It often gets people stuck in mental quicksand.

When you have belief in yourself and your process, your actions will keep you moving forward and focused on what you can control.

Holding belief and not mentally spinning on things you likely cannot answer will keep you in a much better place.

When your thoughts are about possibility and not probability, your feelings are optimistic and confident.

Those feelings lead to taking action toward your goal which leads to improved results.

Sometimes, all it takes is to stop asking and keep doing to answer the how and when.

Ready to step out of the quicksand? Message me when you are and we'll chat more about it.


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