• Amy Blackburn

Accountability is tough.

To show up. To start. To stop spinning in indecision. To do the work. To face their fear.

Ever notice how much easier it is to check your emails instead of starting a project at work?

How many find it easier to wake up to leave for vacation than to leave for work?

We even lean into mundane tasks like laundry if we're trying to avoid something difficult.

Things that are fun and exciting are more effortless for us to start.

Things that are familiar and comfortable are easier for us to face.

Things that provide us with more certainty of the outcome are more welcoming.

Figuring out why you aren't holding yourself accountable is valuable.

You may discover that priorities have shifted and it's now not as high on your priority list.

You may determine that it is no longer important removing it from your goals altogether.

You may uncover a fear surrounding it such as the unknown, failure, rejection or judgment.

Accountability is a struggle for many and a consistent theme with my clients.

Addressing their lack of accountability head on allows my clients to gain momentum more quickly on their goals.

One of the things I do as a coach is to be an unbiased accountability partner.

Is your lack of accountability holding you back from something?

Where would you be in a year from now if you started making progress on your goals today?

When you're ready to start moving forward, message me to learn how we can work together.

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