• Amy Blackburn

A sales unicorn?

Imagine your company has just promoted its most successful sales rep into a sales management role? How exciting, right?

This person is at the top of the sales board and the go-to person for reps with questions.

Sounds great, doesn’t it!

Not all great sales reps make great sales managers. Having the sales skills and product knowledge is great but isn’t everything.

More often than not those new to management have challenges in their role.

Being responsible for a team instead of just yourself is a new level of sales accountability which equals increased pressure to perform.

Soft skills like active listening, having empathy, clear and consistent communication, creating a positive sales culture and motivating the team are required to successfully manage them.

Time management becomes more important as a manager. Juggling your time with your tasks and your team all the while appearing available is tricky. Owning your time on your calendar will be your friend.

Going from a peer to a manager is challenging especially when it comes to the treatment of top performers and friends compared to others. Being consistent with requirements and metrics helps.

One of the biggest challenges new managers face is having employees and a team. The skills of recruiting, hiring, onboarding, continual training and firing employees are on an entirely different level. Having established processes for all of these (aside from continual training) would be hugely beneficial for new managers.

Many companies hiring new managers don’t always have all their processes or people in place to set new managers up for success.

Others may already have sales management in place but lack a scalable process for growth.

Either way a sales coach helps bridge the gap for smaller companies unable to support this growth.

Need support for you or your team? Message me to learn more.

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