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Be insatiably curious. Ask “why” a lot.

I heard this years ago and didn’t really understand the value.

I asked why a lot when I was younger. But, it was for all the wrong reasons. The face and tone I used likely didn’t help either.

Since then, I’ve come to appreciate the power of asking why out of sheer curiosity.

As an adult I’ve learned about people and things on a much deeper level than simply hearing about something or getting an answer.

This recently came up during a networking conversation I had with someone I had just met.

They had a specific goal they wanted to work on and were not sure how to do it.

The first time I heard them talk about it, I only heard the goal and why they felt it couldn’t easily be done where they thought they should.

On our 2nd call, it came up again so I decided to ask why it was important to them to accomplish it.

Wow! They really opened up and took time exploring and sharing all the ways it brought meaning to them.

I learned so much about this person telling me why it was important to them and how they would feel about doing it than simply knowing what it was.

It made me appreciate them accomplishing their goal so much more as I not only heard them share with me why it was important but I could see their face light up as they did.

I could have heard their goal and easily assumed why. It could have been a very easy “connect the dots” moment if you heard it yourself.

I challenged myself to ask especially since I didn’t know them.

I’m so glad I did. Otherwise, I would have missed hearing their story which truly defined what a thoughtful and giving person they are.

Wondering how to ask why curiously? Message me and let’s chat.

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